Monday, October 27, 2008

Lots of fun!!

I totally didn't pose this little man. Doesn't he look like he should be in J Crew or something!

I had so much fun with this awesome family last week. You know I really love this job of mine. I love all the amazing people that I meet and this family was one to remember. I say this because I often photograph little ones and I love the connection b/w mom's and dad's with their babies, but this was a whole new experience. I absolutely loved the interaction between the brothers and I could see how much they loved each other and I still saw the same love and passion between mom and dad with "their babies". It was so cool to see this b/c my babies are little and you know..... part of you doesn't want them to grow up. So, there is my soap box. You guys were great and there are some AMAZING pictures. Thanks for the fun night.

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