Sunday, August 31, 2008

Little Sweet Peas

It is so neat how these photo sessions go in waves. I had the triplet photo shoot and this precious baby's shoot and my next 3 photo sessions are newborns!!! I have to tell you, I love these baby photo shoots.
I had such a nice time with you all. Your babes are so cute! You truly have a beautiful family. Here is your sneak peek and I will be in touch soon!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Oh my goodness!!!! This was truly so amazing. I went into this photo shoot expecting that it could take a little while. Well, I was blown away by this Momma! She has got herself together. Your babies were wonderful. They are so adorable. These triplets are 4 weeks old and are now almost 7lbs. Could you imagine having these munchkins in your belly???????
I loved listening to you tell me about your babies and how incredibly different each one of them is. You are so in tune with each of them individually and you already have them working together as a unit. You are doing an amazing job. I wish you a good night sleep tonight. It was so great to spend the afternoon with you. We have some great photos. Here are a few!

Playing Catch Up!!!

This is my first post since my MEXICO trip and I feel so out of touch! Slowly, I am making my way back into reality and out of my own private Mojito world!!! We had a blast, but I will post about that soon, these photos need to be posted since they were taken before we left!
I love when a family comes together to create a memory. Even though "we families" may spend weekends together or holidays we often don't all agree to take photos together or put on a happy face about having our photos taken. It is hard for some of us, but afterwards we are grateful. We had a nice night together and here are a few photos .......FINALLY!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sooo addicted!!

I am so addicted to your photos. I truly enjoyed spending the evening with you all and I can't stop picking my favorites. You are such a beautiful family and it was such a natural and intimate night. Your babes are beautiful and did such a great job. I will be in touch soon and I am so glad that we were able to get our photo shoot in!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Perfect Spot

My friend Cassie and I found the perfect spot for her little babe's Senior Portraits.......I mean her First Birthday photos!!! We found an empty lot down at Chicks Beach with these great backdrops. We were pretending that this was our lot and we couldn't wait to build our house, right on the beach! Ainsley was so cute and did a great job. We have some beautiful pictures!!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Simply Stunning!

Check out these gorgeous lay flat books. Each book is unique to you with layouts, design elements, and of course your own precious pictures! Each album is available in several different sizes and 7 different cover choices. You will absolutely love these. It is the perfect way to hold on to your memories and the best part of it is .....they will all be in one SPOT!!!!! :o)

Botanical Gardens

We had a fun night at Botanical Gardens the other night. Each one of these beautiful babes showed such a powerful and unique personality. They were all so much fun and they kept me on my toes!!! We have some great shots and I will be in touch very soon. I hope you like your sneak peek!!!