Monday, June 22, 2009

Beautiful Family

All that time....and I love the beach one!

I love this photo. I love the head tilts and the smiles of the cuties on the right, Little Man trying to get away, and the concerned look of his sister on the left. Don't worry there is one where he isn't trying to escape!

Check out this beautiful family....all 23 of them! We were down at the Oceanfront trying to get some family photos before a 70th BIRTHDAY PARTY BASH at Watermans!!!!! I hope you all had a blast.
I have known some of the people in this photo for as long as I can remember. Mrs. W. was my preschool teacher! (wow, that just totally popped into my thoughts now) I have some of my first memories with you. :o) My brother and her son played soccer together pretty much our whole childhood.... Just lots and lots of memories.... :o)
This evening was a little more chaotic then I like to admit, but I do love the photos. I will be finished with the rest soon. It was so great seeing you all. Your family is Beautiful!

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